Robert George Imerson Jr timeline

1941 Aug 27 - Born in Addison Michigan
1946 Summer - Moved to Rives Junction Farm
1952 Finished - One room Draper school 6th grade
1954 Finished - Junior High
1960 Graduated - Jackson Northwest Agricultural High School
1963 Graduated - Jackson Junior College
1966 Graduated - Eastern Michigan University
1966 Taught school - Gibraltar, Manchester
1968 Married Deborah Minter at Arizona State University August 3
1969 Finished teaching certificate - taught school at Litchfield and Boysville of Michigan
1971 Running "Research Microscopy" in Detroit - Learned the Scanning Electron Mictoscope
1973 Worked at Howmet in Muskegon Michigan - Learned the Electron Beam Mictoprobe and transmission electron microscope
1976 Moved to Rockwell International in Anaheim Ca. EBMF engineer (Electron Beam Microfabricator). DEC PDP 11 computers
1980 Daughter Amber Rose born June 20
1983 Moved to Fairchild in Mountain View CA. DEC VAX/VMS admin, Ingress relational database admin and developer
1990 National Semiconductor in Santa Clara then
         Intel. Oracle database admin and developer
1992 National Semiconductor. Computer guy - programmer, network admin, VMS admin, etc.
2003 CATS in Los Gatos, bought by Numerical Technologies, bought by Synopsys. Software support.
2004? Retired
Various trips
2017 - Still kicking

This timeline is not quite right. I'll tweak it.