Potatoes a different way

I got this from Rachael Rey who got it from Jacques Pepin.
31Oct17 - I recommend the alternative method mentioned below.

Ingredients -
Small potatoes
A pat of so of butter or a butter like substance
Chicken broth
A frying pan with a lid

Get some small Yukon gold or small red potatoes, enough to cover the bottom of a frying pan.
Put them in the pan and add about a half inch or less of the broth, plus the butter.
Put on the lid and bring this up to a boil.
Turn it down so it continues to boil - you are steaming the potatoes. Plan on turning them once in a while.
After about 20 minutes or more the potatoes should be fork tender.
(Alternately you can just boil the potatoes until they are done, let them cool then put them in the frying pan for finishing.)
Remove the lid, turn up the heat and let the liquid boil away.
The potatoes will start to fry. Add some salt and pepper, sort of smash them just a bit - a light crush, not a mash.
The best way to do this is to place a fork on the potato and whack it with a table spoon. You might do both sides.
Let them develop some color, flip them over and fry the other side until it's brown.
Take them off the heat.
Add a drop of butter or olive oil or infused olive oil on each potato.

They are good even with no butter or anything.

Ready to eat