Lentil and Brown Rice Soup

This is one of Debbie's favorites.

6 cups of water (or two cans of chicken broth and the rest water or all chicken broth)
3/4 cup dried lentils
1/2 cup brown rice
1 envelope of onion soup mix
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3 oz kale (a nice pile)
2 tablespoons of snipped cilantro or parsley (see below)
3 tablespoons of lemon juice (see below)

Bring to a boil - water, lentils, rice, soup mix, cumin, salt and pepper in a 4 quart pan.

Cover and simmer about 40 minutes, until the lentils are tender.

Prepare the kale by cutting out the big stem then chop the rest up into bite size pieces.
Stir in the kale, put the top on and let it wilt. You may add the cilantro and lemon juice at this time (see below).

Or when you serve the soup add some snipped cilantro and a bit of lemon juice. Fresh lemon seems to make a difference.
I suspect some chicken broth instead of the water might improve the flavor. Though it's pretty good as it is.