Chuck Roast Stew

Ingredients -

- Chuck Roast - 2+ pounds
- Carrots - 1/2 inch pieces
- Onions - chunked up
- Celery - 1/2 inch pieces
- Garlic chopped - or whole so you can avoid eating them
- 1 or 2 large mushrooms - chunked up
- Pepper corns - at least 6
- Salt - a good couple of tablespoons
- Broth - one can is about right
- 3-5 tablespoons of flour (or tapioca)
- spices - bay leaf, 3 allspice seeds, 3 whole cloves,

Cut the roast into 1 1/2" to 2" chunks
Brown them on all sides (or not) - 5 minutes per side in a HOT dutch oven
Set the beef aside
Put the onions, carrots and celery into the dutch oven and sweat them.
Add the flour or tapioca and stir it all up, let the flour brown a bit.
Add the broth to just below covering and bring it all to a boil.
Add the mushrooms, garlic, pepper corns, salt and spices
Add the beef
Put on the lid and cook at a simmer for 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

Actually tapioca makes a better thickener then flour because it doesn't break down from long cooking times.

A nice touch is to add more carrots and some boiling onions in the last half hour. You can use about half a bag of the little frozen onions to make it easier.
Cook potatoes separately and perhaps add later or serve seperately.