This is my Oregon trip report July 2005.

A rather uneventful trip. We drove up 101, 128 and 1 to Eureka, then on to Eugene, Salem and Wood Village where Deb's sister Peggy lives.

It was a fun and easy trip to 128. This was a beautiful drive with several wineries along the way. The appellation is "Alexander Valley". We stopped at Navarro for a taste and bought a couple bottles of excellent wine. We also hit Husch winery which has the best tasting room.

We drove highway 1 along the coast past Mendicino, through Fort Bragg and on to Eureka. We stayed at a nice enough motel. In the morning we went to the Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast. It's a local thing. It's an old logging mess house. You eat at long tables family style. Always fun.

Then on up 1 and through part of the Avenue of the Giants and a stop at Crescent City. We ate lunch at a place along the coast with a great view. We cut over to 5 near Eugene and began making time to get to Peggy's place. We went to Peg's favorite Mexican place where a good meal was had by all.

The next day we and Amber went to the zoo and had a wonderful time including a train ride(Movie) over to the rose garden. Very beautiful. The butterfly house was the best thing.

We got together with Peg and went to a brew pub that has a good happy hour. A couple drinks and a bunch of appetizers later we were pretty loaded. We went back to Peg's and gabbed and partied the evening away.

Saturday morning we took off on our drive to Seattle. It was a bit of an adventure finding our hotel. A nice older place with no air conditioning. No problem, there were fans and the weather didn't seem to be too hot.
   We went down to the art museum and on to Pike Place Market. We bought some flowers and walked around. We had a beer and an appetizer at Kell's. That evening we went to a very nice Italian restaurant near our hotel.
   The next day we went to the market for a short visit then took the bus to the Space Needle where we had an expensive but elegant lunch in the rotating restaurant. We then rode the monorail, then got on a bus to go to Pioneer Square. It was my understanding it was a park but it was the old part of town with several elegant galleries including a wonderful African art place. We had a couple beers in a neat old place. Very quaint but a bit scary as this is also the mission area.
   We looked all over the place for a place to eat but ended up at a place in Pike Place Market.
  Monday we hiked down to the piers and took a boat tour of the sound. The weather was perfect and the trip was excellent. We then grabbed a cab and went to Safeco baseball stadium. We took the tour. Wow that was really neat. Then a hike back to Pioneer Square and on to checkout and drive back to Peggy's.

That evening we went to dinner at a nice place Peg wanted to try. I had a very good New York steak.

Tuesday we drove to Klamath Falls on our way to Lava Beds National Monument. Turns out there are no falls in Klamath Falls, they were wiped out by a dam many years ago. We tried to find a place to eat and have some local conversation, no luck. We took KFC back to the room and watched Lance Armstrong compete in the Tour de France.  An enjoyable evening.

Wednesday we got up and got on our way to Lava Beds. We visited several caves using borrowed flash lights. Quite interesting.
   Then on our way home. The drive around the back side of Shasta with a view of Lassen was beautiful and pretty fast. We stopped for lunch at a quaint little place with a wonderful lunch. I had a prime rib sandwich that was GREAT. Then on to our long long drive home.