Microwave Project

A new Lowe's was opened near our house so I went over to take a look. They had a big display of microwaves. We have needed a new microwave over our range for at leaast a couple years.

I went home and checked out removing the old unit. I found it heavy but doable. So I took it out and put it beside the house. It was in two pieces - the microwave itself and a bracket unit which contained the fan and lights.

I picked out a microwave. Unfortunately they didn't have one in stock but could deliver one in a couple days and take away the old unit at the same time. Ok.

The new unit showed up. The guys took my old unit. Deb and I moved it into the kitchen where I unpacked it. Hmmm. It didn't appear it would fit. I went back to Loew's as well as looked on the web, I couldn't find a unit that would work. So I started looking at changing out the cabinets. (Old cabinet configuration)
   I took a door with me over to Lowe's to see if they could match it. They couldn't match it. A guy there said it needed a custom cabinet  and estimated $800 to replace it. Well that's probably not going to work. He advised against trying to modify the cabinets on my own.
   After looking things over for a few days I decide to try to modify the doors. With some advice from my friend John McCoy I proceeded. It turned out it was pretty easy to modify the doors. Now the problem was the vertical and horizontal pieces.
   I cut the vertical piece with a router and broke it out. I found the pieces were not glued in but were put together with pocket screws. It was nearly impossible to unscrew the screws so I just broke the horizonal piece out. It came out perfectly. This turned out to be easier then expected. I made a bracket to hold up the front of the microwave. The horizontal piece is now held in by friction. (New cabinet configuration)
   With some trouble I put in the new bracket. Deb and I WRESTELED the new microwave into place.

It looks great and works very well. (New microwave)

Looks like we need to redo the wallpaper and maybe the whole kitchen.