Roof Referb Feb 2012

A sales guy came by from the company (American Roof Systems in Foster City) that had done the original referb. He pointed out that we had about five more years left on our guarantee but we were in the time range where we would pay 50% for any fixes. Before he had come by we had noticed some moss on the shingles and knew quite few were missing. Plus the painters had walked all over the roof and perhaps had caused some damage, though we didn't seem to have any leaks. They gave us what seemed like a good price and a 12 year guarantee.

Before pictures front and back.

These are the steps that were taken -

- Replace broken, poor condition or missing shingles. Back side.
- Power wash the entire roof. This tends to blast off some shingle and reveal some problems.
  He is just washing off the house after treatment. 
- Replace more shingles.
- Treat the roof with fire retardant/preservative/fungicide.

Final result.

It appears they did as promised. It seemed like not many shingles were replaced also they used a different technique for the fire retardant. Maybe the roof was in better shape then I thought. Hmm.