Our trip to the Oregon coast Christmas 2010.
We left in a pretty good rain. Because it was icy and snowy on I5 going into Oregon we decided to drive up 101 and make it a two day trip. We took a different way by going up 880 and 580 across the Richmond bridge. It was rainy but the roads weren't bad as we drove to Erueka. We stayed at the Best Western south of town. Had dinner at a funky Marie Callendar's. We paid extra for the room so we could have big flat screen tv and a fireplace. Unfortunately none of the channels were HD and the fireplace was a funky electric thing against the wall. They had a nice breakfast.

We were on our way to meet Peggy, Amber, Daniel and little Robbie at the Depoe Bay Worldmark.
After many hours of driving we arrived to a beautiful place greeted by Peggy! Amber, Daniel and Robbie came along a little later. We snuggled in and ordered dinner from a local place that delivered.
The next day we found what a spectacular view we had of the ocean! It was amazing. Just out our back door was a drop to a rock formation that ran all along the coast in that area. The ocean was up. Waves were crashing! I took too many movies.

Today we went into town to (?) for lunch. A nice little coast style restaurant/bar. We then drove out to a place to get another view of the ocean. The wind was rather fierce but the views spectacular. We went back and enjoyed the place. Peg had brought along a little Christmas tree with lights and Deb had brought along a few strings of lights so the place was appropriately decorated. Very nice. That night I cooked some steaks Peg had brought along. It was an electric grill and didn't get very hot. The steaks were more or less fried but with some potatoes and gravy everything went well.
The next day we hung around the place watching tv, reading and talking. A very fun day. We got some really good movies of the ocean. Here is a nice shot of us that shows the ocean and a bit of the place we were staying. We went out to a funky local bar for dinner. It was pretty good but the place was cold. The waitress was very nice to us. 
Lot's of fun holding the baby today. He has a bunch of outfits that have to be worn quickly before he out grows them. Cute. Seems like Amber is constantly breast feeding or pumping. Daniel is a big help with the baby. Everybody got itchy and we opened the presents Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. We all got some nice things. I don't want to make a list here but Peg did get a kindle, I got a couple hats and an Oprah cookbook. Deb had jewelry as usual. Her new ear rings had posts that were too big so they were killing her ears. B-)
We packed up and moved out by 12. We had until 4 to get to the next place. We stopped at a casiono and had a really excellent buffet lunch/dinner (thanks Peg). We contributed to the Indians and stayed too long. We took off for the new place. This new place in Newport was a gigantic complex.
Peg had arranged for a room with a vew and what a view it was. The pictures don't do it justice. The layout of the place was a little odd but the view of the ocean was spectacular. The weather was pretty bad so we never made it onto the beach. We watched some people get caught in a hail storm out there. We basically hung out. I made my curry chicken skewers for dinner. That didn't work out as well as expected.
We left for home fairly early. The weather was much worse then before. Lots of heavy rain. There were a few rocks on the roads and some standing water. But mostly the roads were good. We finally made it to Crescent City. After a bunch of false starts we found the Best Western and stayed there. The wind and rain were fierce! Nearly impossible to get into our room.
The wind and rain continued. Getting back into the car was nearly impossible. We drove the rest of the way home today. We went through SF which is a route we know very well, We got home about 6pm. Not bad. On the way up we listened to a Clive Cussler novel then on the way back we listened to Jack London's "Call Of The Wild" and three other London stories. This relly helped pass the time.

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Seems like I had a lot of fuzzy pictures or I would have put up more.
We have some spectacular movies but they are large. I may put them up later.