Las Vegas - Grand Canyon Trip

This is more or less a laundry list of what we did on our trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon to place Marshal Minter's ashes in June/July of 2013. We also met Lindy, a Schneider cousin from Chicago. I am busily working on adding pictures.

June 27 - Thursday - Deb and I drove to Grant's pass, past Mount Shasta, where we usually stay in the Best Western. We did our usual thing which is to go to the "Wild River Brewery and Pub" for pizza.

June 28 - Friday - we stopped at "River Bend Farm" which is run by some distant relative of Deb and Peg. We enjoyed meeting the folks and seeing their beautiful little place.

We stopped by Wood Village city hall to see Peg at work. We then went over and visited Amber (movie) for a while. We stayed with Peg.

June 29 - Saturday - This may be the day we setup Peg's new scanner. This may also be the day we tidied up Peg's rug - a major operation. We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, turns out we have one near us in SJ. Later, after picking up a new grill top, we had steaks on the grill for dinner at Pegs.

June 30 - Sunday - A wonderful breakfast as a quaint old house restaurant called "The Truffle Hunter". We then went to the Portland Art Museum. They had an interesting bicycle exhibit that had been mentioned in "The Smithsonian" magazine.

July 1 - Monday -  Spent most of the day at Amber's. I assembled a small no-pedal bike for Robbie.

July 2 - Tuesday - Spent most of the day at Amber's. We went out to the berry farm on an island north of Portland. We had fun picking berries.

July 3 - Wednesday - Most of the day was at Amber's. The kids played in the water. It was a really nice day.

July 4 - Thursday - Cleaned up Peg's patio. The kids came over for some burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

July 5 - Friday - Flew Alaska airlines to Las Vegas. Picked up the rental car then Peggy and went to the Stratosphere. There was a big fire visible. We couldn't check in until 3 so we spent the day hanging around and gambling. Went up to the bar in the tower. We met up with Lyndy. Had dinner at Roxy's Diner. We had possible tickets to a show but it was at 10:30 and the seats were not guaranteed so we went to bed.

July 6 - Saturday - Hung around the casino for a while. Went up in the tower again and had lunch. Hung around some more. Dinner at Fellini's Italian restaurant - quite nice.

July 7 - Sunday - We drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We took two cars because Lindy gets car sick if she doesn't drive (she could have driven all of us). It was quite a drive and at the entrance to the park we saw some buffalo and a deer. After we settled into our nice rustic cabins. Of course great canyon views. We scouted out the lodge. We got a reservation for dinner. We ate at the lodge. Nobody seemed totally happy with the meal. Oh well.

July 8 - Monday - We drove around and scouted out places to dump the ashes. After several stops we found the perfect place right near the road so not much hiking involved. We took pictures. Deb got in position and poured the ashes down into the canyon. Very beautiful and very moving. I'm sure Marshall would be happy with the place we chose. Later that evening we took a little train thing out to a Cowboy dinner and show. It was perhaps a bit more rustic then expected but fun and entertaining.

July 9 - Tuesday - We drove back to Las Vegas. The fire was still going. Lindy had left early because she had an early flight. We turned in the car and flew to Portland. Apparently Peg was on another flight. We met Peg and took a Taxi to her place. The taxi driver took a wrong turn and took much longer then he should have so I gave him a poor tip.

July 10 - We went to Amber's place and took care of Brandon while Amber and Daniel took Robbie to the Doctor.

July 11 - We drove to Yreka California and stayed at the Best Western. We had dinner at Strings. The waitress said she remembered us from a year ago. We then went to a little bar called "The Miner Street Sports Bar" where the bar girl said she remembered us from a year ago. What the heck? Were we nude or something?

July 12 - An uneventful drive home. We listened to a Steven King novel.

Loved seeing Lyndy. The cousins got along like peas in a pod.
In real life Lyndy really goes by Lynda.