Arizona Trip Aug 2011

We decided to drive over and see Debs Dad Marshall. August 18th we loaded up and took off.

Of course our first stop is Casa de Fruita (near Casa de Gas, Casa de Motel, Casa de Wine, Casa de Hamburger, etc. ) We continued our heroic drive to Laughlin Nevada. We drove down I-5, passing through Bakersfield, Tahapachi Pass, the Mojave desert, past Boron and up 95 towards Searchlight NV and on to Laughlin. We saw lots of tomato trucks.

Finally Laughlin. We got a nice room, hit the buffet and then the craps table. Whoops we lost a few bucks.

Next day on to I-40 and across northern Arizona. The speed limit is 75 so we did 80.
Arizona was having monsoon rains. So we saw some spectacular clouds. We saw a few small showers but no big ones hit us, though we could see major storms moving across the landscape. We arrived at Marshall's around 3pm. Marshall is looking good. Much better then the last time we had seen him. He has caregivers come in three times a week to do chores, take him around for shopping, haircuts and other appointments.

The first night we went to Lecano's Mexican place. Very nice, as usual. The next day we passed talking and napping. The next day we went to dinner at the Chuck Wagon.
Deb bought a hoop dancer doll. Back home for a few drinks and some conversation. 

The third evening we went to The Branding Iron for a very nice dinner. The waitress forgot to serve us our dinner but we had a good conversation and ate a little later then expected. We watched "Dr. Strangelove". Marshall enjoyed it. We had quite a good conversation that night.

We had given Marshall a nearly new microwave. Turned out to be almost exactly like his old one - both are the same size and GE.

We stopped by Mabry's grave for a few minutes. 

We packed up to drive home. Back across AZ and on the Barstow. This time we stopped in a fairly new Comfort Suites. Pretty nice. Unfortunately when Deb called Marshall he fell while rushing for the phone. A big concern. Between several phone calls Peg called the Sheriff who sent somebody out to check on him. They got him up, checked him over and left.

The next day we did the grueling drive home. Passing through Needles it was 117 degrees. We passed the usual scenes such as huge nut orchards, the thousand of cows at Harris Ranch and the earthen dam at San Louis Rey reservior. We arrived about 3:30.

An enjoyable and fun trip. We listened to more of the "#1 Ladies Detective Agency" series and another story by Alexander McCall-Smith.

Here are a couple bonus pictures of Deb and her magnificent quilt.