2017 Cruise to Denmark/Austria/Germany

May 19th we returned from our magnificent trip to Europe.

We cruised on the Holland America ship Zuiderdam from Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen Denmark.

This is the cruise report.

We spent three nights in Copenhagen, flew to Vienna and spent five nights there, then few to Berlin and spend six nights.

This is the Europe report.

Quite an enjoyable trip. Lots of museums, sightseeing, hiking and food.

Comments -

I'm still working on the reports - mainly adding extras and movies.

Going through security in Europe was a breeze. They usually had at least a dozen stations open and lots of people helping speed things along.

Most of the wine we drank was in the 5€ range.

The Euro was less then $1.10. One of the best rates of all time.

No meal was more then 35€ with tip. We often just ate lunch out and usually split that.

The weather was not good part of the time.

The broken suitcase cramped our style. We were forced to take more taxi's then planned. However, they were not that expensive.