2016 Istanbul and Egypt

This was the trip of our life! Our friend Norm Orloff and his wife Diana knowing we have traveled quite a bit in Europe asked if we'd like to go on this Egypt tour from Archaeological Paths. It appeared to be rather expensive but looked really good. It was advertised as Dr. Hawass' last tour. He is the famous director of antiquities in Egypt. You've seen him on TV. It seemed we'd see every famous thing in Egypt and take a 7 day boat trip on the Nile River. We bit.

The company is Archaeological Paths.

Norm and Diana had been to Istanbul a couple times and knew their way around plus they have a friend there to help us. Great! We planned on flying to Istanbul, staying for four days then flying to Egypt for the tour. Part of the plan was to start getting used to the 10 hour time change.

Deb has done a major report using Shutterfly to create a picture book. You don't have to join Shutterfly to see the book. I'd advise using full screen when viewing it.

This report is ridiculously long. I'll try to create a synopsis and let you choose what you want to look at and see.

When you click on my Wikipedia links you can often go down and find pictures. Clicking on one will allow you to page through and you also can get more details.

"Extras" contain thumbnails. Click on a picture to see the larger version.

A bit of Egyptian history - under construction.

My comments and observations.

October 10 - We took our usual taxi guy to SFO and did the grueling 13 hour flight to Istanbul.

October 11 - Checked into our hotel.

October 12 -
Tour of The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Lunch, Topkapi Palace, Rugs, Grand Bazaar

October 13 - Met Erkan Tfekci, His shop, Interesting lunch, More shopping, Dinner at Cozy

October 14 - Ferry ride, Spice Market, Nice lunch, Turkish bath, Cozy Pizza dinner.

October 15 - Fly to Cairo, Drive to Giza, Check into the Mena 5 star hotel

October 16 - Memphis. Sightseeing at Dashour - Bent and Red pyramids. 

October 17 - Saqqar Sightseeing, Pyramid builders tombs by Dr Hawass

October 18 - Giza Plateau sightseeing. The Great Sphinx with Dr. Hawass. Recovered boat.

October 19 - Cairo sight seeing. The Cairo Egyptian museum, Saladin Citadel with the mosque of Muhammad Ali.

October 20 - Flight to Luxor. Karnak temple. On the boat.

October 21 - Valley of the Kings. Sailing to Edfu.

October 22 - Edfu temple. Sail to Kom Ombo

October 23 - Aswan city. Aswan dam. Unfinished Obelisk. Temple of Isis at Philae. Nubian Village.

October 24 - Desert drive. Abu Simbel. Desert drive back.

October 25 - Sail back to Luxor. Private visit with Dr. Hawass at the Luxor Temple.

October 26 - Visit to Deir El Median and Hatchepsut temple. Optional trip.

October 27 - Flight to Cairo. Lecture by Dr. Hawass

October 28 - Drive to Alexandra and tour.

October 29 - Flight to Istanbul and then home.