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Various news and comments -

Amber and the boys visited us a week or so ago. Great time! Even did Great America.

We completed our April trip. The report is under "Major trips". Enjoy.

Here are Deb's quilts. Needed two webpages for it - One, Two

Had a great time with the family Christmas at Sea Side Oregon. Gotta get a report going. Guess I failed.

Went to Depoe Bay for Thanksgiving. (hmmm. Is this right?)

We visited Depoe Bay with the whole gang (missing Daniel) for the eclipse. Wow! Was that worthwhile.

We visited family in Depoe Bay Oregon over Christmas 2016. Here is my report.

I may generate trip reports for these...

October 18, 2015 - Drove to LA (Rancho Cucamonga) to see my sisters Bernice and Joey and brother Chuck. We had to go over the grapevine because highway 58 was closed because of mud slides. We actually drove to Bakersfield to check to see if we could pass. Nope. So we drove over the muddy grapevine at way too fast of a speed - 75mph. Many were going much faster.
  We stayed at the "Four Points" hotel after the drive.
   Next day we proceeded to Bill and Bernice's. We stayed with Bernice and Bill along with Chuck. They have a rather large house with a covered bar and swimming pool in back. Very nice. Perhaps too much drinking going on. We had Bill's delicious ribs for dinner. Yum.
   Next day we met Joey at Cask 'n Cleaver for lunch then went to Bernice and Bill's bar for a drink. Back home for a nap then more partying. We talked and drank for hours. We had a very good pizza for dinner.
   Wednesday we drove home. Highway 58 was still closed so we did the grapevine again. An uneventful and fast drive all the way home.
   A good time was had by all.

April 2015  - We drove to Portland and Long Beach Washington for a stay at Worldmark with Peggy, Amber, Daniel and the boys Robbie and Brandon. A good time was had by all. I'll try to get a report together when I finish my other report.
July 2014 - In July we drove up to Portland to see Amber, Daniel the kids and Peggy. Daniel and the neighbors set off some fireworks.  A good time was had by all. Pictures on Facebok.

May 19 to May 23 we drove to Klamath Falls to meet up with Peggy, Amber, Daniel and the boys Rob and Brandon. We had a great time including driving to Crater Lake. We enjoyed the amenities at the chalet Peg got through her WorldMark timeshare. The kids got to swim in the pool and we used the hot tub on the patio. I'll see if I can get some pictures up soon.

Here is a picture of my latest sculpture project plus grapes.
Guess Adam and Eve are looking at the sun shaped like an apple. 

Unfortunately Marshall, Deb's Dad, died October 21, 2012. He seemed to be doing well at Angel Wings assisted living home but then one morning he was drooling and not responding during breakfast. He seemed to recover but they had already called 911. We talked with him on the phone at the hospital and it seemed like he was going to get some fluids and recover. Then we got a call that he'd had a major heart attack. That was later on Friday. Saturday we jumped in the car and drove to Show Low. We arrived about 1:15pm Sunday. By then he had had three more heart attacks and was not going to make it. They turned off blood pressure support and told us it would be minutes or hours... Over three hours later he finally passed. His last hours were not comfortable. He seemed to be aware up to the last minutes. He communicated with hand squeezes.
   He had a long 92 year life filled with many experiences. He was a marine in WWII and Korea. A professor at Arizona State. Previously an engineer and executive at American Steel Foundries in Indiana. Of course two children.
   He was cremated and his ashes will be put into the Grand Canyon next summer. A small stone was added to his long time companions' grave - Mabry Szoke.
   RIP Marshall.

Late September 2012 we went to Portland for the birth of Brandon (Sept 24th). Ten pounds one ounce. Pretty uneventful. The baby is beautiful. A little jaundice kept him in an extra day. Robbie is taking it all in stride. Enjoyed seeing Peggy and Ilene as well.

(Think I'll leave this here for a while...)
August 23rd Marshall decided he couldn't get around any more so called 911. We arrived on Aug 25th and found him in the hospital. We had to find an assisted living place for him to stay. We thought the best was "Angel Wings" near Vernon AZ. We took care of various things for him at home and moved him to his new place. We hope he gains strength and can get back to his place soon. A sad and stress filled few days. Jana, his daughter-in-law will visit regularly. We hope to get back near the end of October.
   We've been having a bit of an adventure trying to figure out the financial stuff for Marshall. 

A few pictures from our running trail.

Here are some experimental 3D photos.

A few months ago we finished the 14 book series we listened to on the last several long driving trips. We will miss Precious Romatswe, Maa Makutsi, JLB Macatoni and "The #1 Ladies Detective Agency" from Botswana.

Here is a PBS Forum that discusses diet. Here is a link to a rather long lecture by Robert H. Lustig. Here is a short version. We used the book "Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About it" by Gary Taubes.
   Take a look at under "gary taubes why we get fat". There are several lectures available which are pretty much the same as the book.

Robs magnificent chair

We bought a new car. New to us, a 2007 Infinity M35. Perhaps the fanciest car I've ever driven. It even has a rear view TV for backing up. Also a sensor to detect cars in front while in cruise. We have found the GPS to be quite useful.

I have made contact with some cousins we haven't dealt with for a while and discovered another batch of cousins. There was a note on asking if anybody knew who my Grandmother Imerson was. I gave a smart ass reply. Then found out this other Imerson family existed. Long story... Very much fun communicating with all.
   It has put me on a quest to gather more Imerson family photos.

I added some pictures of a hobby of mine under " paper models".

We are taking a class in Western Civilization. We are repeating it after an 8 year absence. The lecturer is really good and the classes fun and interesting.


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